AHSN 2023 Recordings Available

The recordings of the online presentations from this year’s AHSN conference are now available! The conference was held on 6-10 February 2023, and focused on the theme ‘A Human Right to Humour.’ It was preceded by a conversation on Rachel Aumiller’s forthcoming book The Laughing Matter of Spirit, which took place on February 3rd. Please find below a complete overview and links to the recordings:

3 February 2023

AHSN Zoominar: Rachel Aumiller in conversation with Rodney Taveira & Benjamin Nickl
Discussion of forthcoming book The Laughing Matter of Spirit, by Dr. Rachel Aumiller (Columbia University)

6 February 2023

Day 1, Session 1
Moderator: Jessica Milner Davis, The University of Sydney
1) “When laughter is harmful: The use of humor by the alt.right” (Salvatore Attardo, Texas A&M University-Commerce)
2) “On Tristan Tzara and Steve Bannon” (Bryce Galloway, Massey University)
3) “Stereotype and evolution of Jewish humor in Woody Allen´s films” (Alicia Silvestre Miralles, Universidad de Zaragoza)

Keynote Lecture
Moderator: Benjamin Nickl, The University of Sydney
“Laughter and the Law: Interpreting Humour in Free Speech Jurisprudence” (Alberto Godioli, University of Groningen), followed by Q/A with audience.

Day 1, Session 2
Moderator: Benjamin Nickl, The University of Sydney
1) “Hope for humour and humanity: exploring the role of comedy in creating community cohesion” (Marie Caslin, Liverpool Hope University, representing Sam Avery, Laura Waite, Simona Palladino, Rose Devereux, Kellie Thompson)
2) “Corrupt politicians and fallen aristocrats. Delivering justice by ridiculing power in a fairy-tale world of children’s radio” (Aikaterini Giampoura, Humboldt University of Berlin)

Day 1, Session 3
Moderator: Benjamin Nickl, The University of Sydney
1) “Ridiculing censorship” (Dennis Meyhoff Brink, University of Copenhagen)

7 February 2023

Day 2, Session 1
Moderator: Bryce Galloway, Massey University
1) “Stereotypical Humour between the Funny and the Offensive” (Nour Elhouda Souleh, Canterbury Christ Church University)
2) “Funny Collaboration: Videoconferencing humour as supporting inclusion in the workplace” (Reuben Sanderson, Victoria University of Wellington)
3) “Creating Humour in Contemporary India: An Exploratory Study” (Rujuta Date, Independent Researcher)

Roundtable Discussion
“On the LOLitics of humour and social inequality”, moderated by Julia de Bres (Victoria University of Wellington), followed by Q/A with audience. Participants (in alphabetical order):
1) Angelina Hurley, Griffith University;
2) Deborah Eddy, Independent artist and researcher;
3) Jacci Brady, The University of Melbourne.

Day 2, Session 2
Moderator: Rodney Taveira, The University of Sydney
1) “Humour Works!” (Stephen Folan, Lewis Carroll Society)
2) “The significance of dictator jokes in communist Hungary within the context of individuals’ right to freedom of opinion” (Lili Zách, Eötvös Lóránd University)
3) “African stand-up humour in transcultural sites: How laughter travels across difference” (Izuu Nwankwo, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)

Day 2, Session 3
Moderator: Dennis Meyhoff Brink, University of Copenhagen
1) “Covid-related humour in Australasia 2020: Freedom, safety, and survival during lockdown” (Kerry Mullan, RMIT, Reza Arab, Griffith University, Ying Cao, Wuhan Polytechnic University, Jessica Milner Davis, The University of Sydney)
2) “Tim Renkow’s Jerk: cringe comedy, disability and political correctness” (Emma Sullivan, Open University UK)
3) “Caricatural art, one of the safeguards of the human rights during the Arab Spring: the case of post-revolutionary Tunisia” (Mokhtar Farhat, University of Gafsa Tunisia)

8 February 2023

The datafication and digitalisation of humour
Divesh Lala (Kyoto University, Japan). Moderators: Dr Ben Nickl (University of Sydney) and Dr Chris Muller (Macquarie University).