HUMOR special issue: ‘The Difficulty of Judging Jests’ (2022)

5 August 2022

HUMOR: International Journal of Humor Research has just published a special issue titled ‘Humor and the Law: The Difficulty of Judging Jests’, guest-edited by Brigitte Adriaensen, Andrew Bricker, Alberto Godioli and Ted Laros.

The special issue features articles on humor-related jurisprudence from Europe, the United States, India, Latin America and Australia, spanning from the 18th century to the present. The list of contributors include Laura Little and Alberto Godioli, Shivangi Gangwar, Ana Pedrazzini and Tjeerd Royaards, Emanuel van Dongen and Martine Veldhuizen, Elisa Kriza, Kelly and Vicky Breemen, Gabi Rittig and Jessica Milner Davis.

Please click here for the full table of contents, as well as free access to some of the articles: